Slavoj Žižek: Last Exit to Socialism

When we say that the rise of average temperature has to be kept below 2°C (35.6°F), we talk (and try to act) as general managers of life on Earth, not as a modest species. The regeneration of the earth obviously does not depend upon “our smaller and more mindful role” — it depends on our gigantic role, which is the truth beneath all the talk about our finitude and mortality.

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What It’s Like To Be Cancelled

But recognizing my experience as trauma helped me find the tools to heal from it. I learned that, when you remove the massive scale and severe implications of my specific situation, lots of people could relate to the experience of having their voice taken away, of being shunned from a community that was dear to them over a misunderstanding. I realized that that trauma is much less unique than it felt.



A Way Out: An activist with an ulcer asks, “Why do nonprofits exist?”

The generous answer is that society is imperfect: people have needs that the government cannot meet (and that corporations refuse to meet). But the cynical answer is that there’s money to be made in nonprofits. Not for the people actually working at them, of course; they make very little. But for their extremely wealthy patrons, the rich people who want to protect their capital from being taxed and expropriated by the government, nonprofits are not only lucrative—they’re an effective way to provide legitimacy to the ruling class.


How can you sit there and tell me the working class isn’t interested in wonky economic policies, you might ask, and then shove a 150-year-old book in my face? But Marxism gives you the tools to pry the system apart and see how it works.

The author’s podcast, Trillbilly Worker’s Party, has my highest recommendation.

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i did another record




And I may write my own
eponymous epitaph
instructing the horsemen
to pass.



you won’t see them often
for wherever the crowd is
are not.
those odd ones, not
but from them
the few
good paintings
the few
good symphonies
the few
good books
and other
and from the
best of the
strange ones
they are
their own
their own
their own
their own

full text



i have a backlog of single link draft posts that i haven’t gotten around to fleshing out to a state that is publishable by my minimal standards. you would think i was busy. hah.
i’m going to go ahead and post this video though because what it describes is very close to my own philosophy, if only i would make good on it.

This economist has a plan to fix capitalism. It’s time we all listened

“It wasn’t just early research, it was also applied research, early stage finance, strategic procurement,” she says. “The more I looked, the more I realised: state investment is everywhere.”

Why I’m A Squishy Leftie

This isn’t scary socialism. This is self-protection by protecting the social contract within which we live, and just giving a damn about people.

just read Harry August this summer and it was very good.

Gene Wolfe


Gene Wolfe Turned Science Fiction Into High Art

On April 14, 2019, at the age of 87, Gene Wolfe dies of heart disease at his house in Peoria, Illinois. The obituaries are appropriately admiring. But there’s an undertone in some of them similar to the undertone that sometimes creeps into reviews of his books. His books are so singular, so challenging, and so out of sync with any conceivable mainstream that critics sometimes seem to be asking “What kind of great book is this?” His life is so quiet, so meandering, and so far removed from literary grandeur or drama that eulogists sometimes seem to be asking “What kind of life is this for a great writer?”

I know the answer to both questions. It is this kind.