Aiden Truhen and Nick Harkaway discuss the morality of fiction, the descent of the world, and the Addams Family”

AT: Except that we have different writing styles and different ways of being in the world and I’m massively antisocial and live in a houseboat on a middle-European river and you live in London and you’re basically a soft touch.

NH: I think we’re growing together somewhat now. Although I do wish the houseboat thing was real sometimes.

Donald Glover Interviews Donald Glover

Yeah, so first question, why’d you want to do this?

I guess I don’t love interviews and I asked myself, “Why don’t you like interviews?” And I think part of it is that the questions are usually the same. This way I can get questions I usually don’t get asked.

You don’t think this is contrived?

I don’t think it’s more contrived than any other interview.

[i like to do things in threes, i can’t find a third self interview, i feel like this is something that Kanye would do but i want articles that amuse me, not irritate me; oh well]

Brivs Mekis


Reconstruction of the Fables

The story of Brevs Mekis and his doublehouse is just one of the many intriguing tall tales that populate Fables of the Reconstruction. But the thing about tall tales is that they change with each retelling; every time you reconstruct the fables (so to speak), you add new bricks and change things around.

[Fables is one of my all time favourite records]

Road math


The Fourth Power Rule

What these researchers found is that damage to the roadbed is proportional to the 4th power of the axle load of the vehicle, and they called this “the Generalized Fourth Power Law.” This means that if you double the weight on an axle, your vehicle does sixteen times the damage to the road.
[So] the owners of large, heavy SUVs pay sixteen times what the owners of economy cars do in registration fees and gas taxes.

Oh wait, no they don’t, because we live in Bizarro Land.



This is Water by David Foster Wallace (Full Transcript and Audio [SoundCloud])

Death Drive Nation

But distresses to Freud’s metabolisms, psychic and digestive, aside, one wonders if he might not have found in the US a case study in what would prove to be his most controversial idea, an idea which would also resolve his confusion over why Americans might actually be pretty copacetic, even welcoming, towards plagues of all kinds.

Raymond Zack


“He uh… had the ability to make a bad decision and did.” “Yeahh-uh.”

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Commentary with some more perspectives

Do not pass Go


Hey, i wrote something for another blog.

Been participating in Lefty Book Club for a few weeks, with weekly assigned readings and group discussions over Zoom. In the subgroup i’ve been attending, we have read Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher and are now into Lost Connections by Johann Hari. Good books, good people, recommended for all political shapes and sizes.

Class Kerfuffle: Ideology in Board Games

[…] while board gaming has grown beyond a geek pastime into a booming industry, does it have the potential to be an effective tool for political education? Before answering this, a brief review of the use of ideology in tabletop board gaming may be useful.

shipping experts


I’m A Twenty Year Truck Driver, I Will Tell You Why America’s “Shipping Crisis” Will Not End

Nobody is compelling the transportation industries to make the needed changes to their infrastructure. There are no laws compelling them to hire the needed workers, or pay them a living wage, or improve working conditions. And nobody is compelling them to buy more container chassis units, more cranes, or more storage space. This is for an industry that literally every business in the world is reliant on in some way or another.

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What the caves are trying to tell us

Is this writing? Is it language? Clearly it has to mean or do something; these enigmas must have been put there for some kind of a reason. Were our ancestors just playing, with a child’s hesitancy, at the perilous game of turning bits of pigment into an abstract form beyond space and time? Or had they, long before we realized, found a way to make dead objects speak? This is what I’ll ask James Damore, pressing his face into the cold rock, shouting with an increased frenzy that echoes shrilly in the sacred dome, spittle flying in mad rage as I scream. You think you’re smart, do you? Then what does this mean?